Youth Education Guidance Tutor

The goal of Youth Education Guidance is for all young people to be able to choose, start and complete a youth education. In primary school there are two main parts to Youth Education Guidance:


– Collective guidance for pupils ready to start their education

– Extended guidance for pupils who aren’t ready to start their education


Collective guidance (by class) can include:


– An introduction to the education system, the education guide and eGuide

– Youth-to-youth guidance, where parents are also invited

– Introductory courses for two youth education programs

– Information about how to apply


Extended guidance (individually or in groups) can include:


– Individually prepared guidance courses

– Bridge-building in 9th grade (compulsory)

– Individual counseling sessions

– Group guidance and workshops

– Extra internship and bridge-building

– Creating an educational plan and an application

– Mentor


You can read more about Youth Education Guidance Randers and guidance in 7th to 9th grade here.

The school’s Youth Education Guidance supervisor:


Inger Ødum

Tel.: 30 34 22 09