Forberedelsesskolen is a member of TalentCampDK, which is a country-wide network of private schools and individual elementary schools. At TalentCampDK efforts are made to give talented and highly gifted pupils an opportunity: to improve their skills, to form a network of like-minded peers and to come into contact with professionally competent mentors. TalentCampDK has therefore both an educational and a social vision.


Professional Vision


We want to establish a teaching environment where pupils with special strengths and abilities are catered for. Teaching must take place on the basis of the most talented pupils. Pupils must have the opportunity to improve their skills, and also experience in-depth and in breadth, the subjects of English, Danish and science. We want to encourage pupils to acquire new knowledge, exploit their potential and encourage them to achieve a high level of education.


Social Vision


We want to create a framework where pupils have the opportunity to create social relationships with like-minded peers across the country’s schools. Pupils must have the opportunity to be academically social. At the same time pupils must have the opportunity to meet and experience professionally competent teachers and mentors. It is thus the aim that pupils must be part of a social community, where it is cool to be skilled and “in” to share knowledge. Read more on the website: www.talentcamp.dk.