Tutors at Forberedelsesskolen

At Forberedelsesskolen we have trained tutors who give advice and guidance to both pupils and parents. Our tutor team can help with:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • IT
  • Coaching
  • AKT (behaviour, communication, well-being)


Reading: We offer extra teaching to those pupils who require it, after having been tested and screened in the class. The teaching is organised so that it suits the needs of the individual pupil. Tutoring can take place in the class, in small groups or one-on-one.

All pupils are screened for dyslexia at the end of 2nd grade, and some pupils take the national dyslexia test from the end of 3rd grade. Also, all new pupils starting in 7th grade are screened for dyslexia, so that all our pupils receive the best possible teaching and support.


IT backpack: This is offered to pupils who have been tested for dyslexia. The IT backpack contains a laptop computer with CD Word or AppWriter installed on it, a scanner and a c-pen.


CD Word and AppWriter: At Forberedelsesskolen we have licenses for the best reading and writing support programs on the market. CD Word and AppWriter are installed on several of the school’s computers, and those pupils who need support with reading and writing can download these programs freely.


IT: Forberedelsesskolen has a subscription with Microsoft’s Office 365 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.). This means that all pupils at Forberedelsesskolen have a license that can be used to both download the Office package and use it online. The school helps the pupils with: downloading and setting up the Office package; setting up the school’s printers and photocopiers; downloading, setting up and tutoring in the application of programs used for teaching.