Founding Values

Forberedelsesskolen is a free-school founded in 1905, with a pre-school, classes from 0th to 10th grade, a music department, and a post-school care & leisure program for 0th to 3rd grade. Our view of human nature is one based on equality and recognition, with respect for both the individual and for the wider fellowship.

Desire to Learn

We are a vocational school with a strong music profile, that lays a challenge down to all pupils to put in as much effort as possible to get the best out of themselves. We encourage our pupils to show ambition, in order to maximise their desire to learn and to experience on a daily basis the joy this brings.

Challenges and Strong Professionalism

With skilled, dedicated professional teachers and pedagogues, we aim to challenge and support our pupils in all subjects and contexts – bookish, musically and socially. We put emphasis on pupils growing into independent thinkers through versatile and varied teaching. Pupils are challenged to express themselves in many different ways, and trained to become skilled problem-solvers and co-workers.

Traditions and Innovation

Our daily life is characterised by reassurance and trust in a school with a unique community spirit, where everyone knows each other and has a social responsibility for one another. New ideas are developed alongside our many traditions where music often plays a prominent role. The school camp, school gala, Christmas matinee and Lindedag (Linden Day), are a few of the annual events that the entire school takes part in, that bind pupils, parents and staff together.

Raising the School Together

Pupils, parents and staff are all of importance at Forberedelsesskolen. We expect that everyone who chooses our school gets involved with – and supports – the school’s duties and traditions, whilst giving their best efforts in a respectful and trusting spirit.