0th Grade

0th Grade Structure


In 0th grade there are 25 lessons a week. In addition to the teacher, there is an assistant assigned to the class.


In our daily teaching we base our work on “Fælles mål” (“Common goals”). In particular we work with linguistic attention, mathematics and visual art. One of the school’s reading advisors is assigned to the class, and all pupils are screened so that we can detect at an early stage if an individual needs an extra helping hand. In addition, emphasis is placed on stimulating the more talented pupils, so that everyone gets an academic challenge. In order to stimulate the pupils’ learning abilities, it is important that the pupils get some exercise. That’s why each week we have two hours of sport and two hours of “Boost”, a subject where we move outside into the local park (Gethers Parken).


At Forberedelsesskolen we attach great importance to music, and already in 0th grade there are two lessons a week with one of the school’s music teachers. 0th grade also perform at our Christmas Matinee, Linden Day and at the school’s fantastic school gala. At the annual school gala, the 0th grade and 5th grade are responsible for the school comedy, where all pupils as well as their parents show up to help ensure an unforgettable evening. This also helps to teach the pupils what it’s like to stand up in front of a large gathering, and to increase their self-esteem.


Since the well-being of the individual child is very important for the ability to learn, we also focus on the social relationships in the class.



Parent Cooperation


In order to maximise the cooperation between the school and parents, we offer – in addition to general parent meetings – individual parent meetings twice a year where we talk about the child’s well-being and the child’s academic situation. In addition, you are always welcome to contact us and vice versa, if there are concerns about your child’s well-being.

Enrollment at Forberedelsesskolen


When your child is registered for school, you will be invited to an open-house event in August in the year before your child could start.


At this meeting we talk about what it means to be part of Forberedelsesskolen. We talk about the school’s values, about what it’s like in 0th grade, and about our pre-school group.


In August/September you and your child will be called in for an interview, to talk about your child’s kindergarten’s assessment of the child’s readiness for school. It is therefore important that you have spoken to your child’s kindergarten beforehand. We set aside 15 minutes for the interview, giving you an opportunity to talk about your child. The conversation also has the added bonus of us all getting to know each other a lot better, so that our expectations for one another become more aligned.


When your child is enrolled there is an advance payment of two months school fees to secure your child’s place.


0th Grade


Immediately after the start of school, the children are each assigned a pupil from the 5th grade, whose job it is to look out for them. This provides greater security and a wider fellowship, and benefits the children at our annual school camp and annual school comedy which is a joint project between 5th and 0th grade.


After school starts in August you will be invited to a general parent meeting. Here we go into more detail about the work we do in 0th grade. At this meeting a parent council will also be set up, which takes responsibility for class social events during the year.


We implement a language test for all children who start 0th grade. We test the children in September and again in April. We then use the test material to adapt our teaching methods so that they are suitable for the level of each child.