School Nurse

Who is the school nurse?


Louise Sommer Vejlby, who also works with children attending Kristrup Skole.


How can the nurse be contacted?


Both students and parents are always welcome to call, write a message via Intra, send an SMS or send an email.


Phone: 51 56 25 09


What does the nurse do at school?


The school nurse works for the betterment of the pupils’ health – physically, psychologically and socially. This takes place through both one-on-one and group meetings, and also through educational activities and health education in the classroom environment. You can find out more about the plan covering all children in Randers Municipality by visiting, then clicking on “menu”, “skolebørn” and “tilbud til skolebørn”.


On this website you can also find out more about specialised plans (“særlige tilbud”). In addition to the fixed plan, the nurse can help children and parents if a child has extra difficulties in relation to their physical, psychological and social health. In such situations it can either be the child themselves, the parents or the child’s teachers who contact the nurse. However, the teacher will always make contact with the child and their parents first before the school nurse gets involved. A school nurse can also participate in the school’s interdisciplinary meetings.