Post-school Care & Leisure Program

Post-school Care & Leisure Program


At Forberedelsesskolen we offer post-school care & leisure facilities for children in 0th to 3rd grade.


Daily life


The children have opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities, both those that can be done whilst sitting down and those that require physical exercise. In the local park we are able to offer many exciting outdoor activities, e.g. ball games in the multi-court, team sports such as rounders on the large grassy areas, and role-playing and other challenging physical exercises on the slopes. In addition to these, there is a large sandpit and campfire which we often use to provide different kinds of campfire food.


Back at the school our facilities consist of, amongst other things, small playrooms where children are able to spread out and immerse themselves in their activities. We often have creative workshops where current trends are explored, for example, making bracelets and jewelry etc., and we use the schools visual arts room for larger projects. Our gym is frequently used in the afternoon to burn through some leftover energy, with activities such as dead-ball or obstacle-courses. We occasionally have the option of a class-based computer cafe, and we often participates in children’s events found throughout the city.




We supply the children with food and drink every afternoon.




– The children help prepare and take part in the annual Fastelavn party, a carnival day with costumes, barrel-beating and games.

– Every Spring in the park, we hold our Olympics with both known and previously unknown imaginative disciplines.

– We take part in the annual Remida project.

– During the Easter period the children make decorations and take part in various Easter activities.

– At Christmas the children make Christmas decorations and gifts (optional).


Opening hours


The post-school care & leisure program is open every school day from 6.30 to 8.00, Monday-Thursday from 12.40 to 17.00 and Friday from 12.40 to 16.00.



The facilities are closed during the following periods:

24th Dec – 3rd Jan, both days included

Easter 11th – 18th April, both days included

Friday 27th May (the day after Ascension Day)

Constitution Day on 5th June

Summer vacation 2022 weeks 28-29-30


During the holidays the opening hours are: Monday-Thursday 6.30 to 17.00 and Friday 6.30 to 16.00.


Registration and payment


Upon enrollment at the school your child is automatically guaranteed a place in the post-school care & leisure program. If you want your child to participate in the post-school program during school holidays, separate registration is required as needed nearer the time. Meals are included in the price. If you wish to withdraw your child from the post-school facilities, there is a complete one month notice period. We must therefore be notified in writing before the start of this complete one month notice period.


Information & communication


The post-school care & leisure facilities can be contacted on: 20 68 89 94