7th Grade

At the start of 7th grade 24 new pupils are enrolled, and together with the pupils from our previous year’s 6th grade, are mixed together to form two brand new 7th grade classes. We expect all the pupils to do their best, come well prepared and participate actively in class. Also, as the well-being of the class is of the utmost importance, we expect everyone to help create a good team spirit. We have many years of experience in creating such an environment, through activities that help to bring old and new pupils together.


We offer a highly professional level of teaching with our skilled and committed teachers. We offer challenges that suit the individual pupil’s level of learning, and offer our most talented pupils the chance to participate in talent camps. We have an eye for the individual student, and you will not just be a face in the crowd.

In 7th grade you have the following subjects:


  • Danish
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • German – with split teams
  • Physics/chemistry – with split teams
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • History
  • Sports in Randers Hallen and RGF Hallen
  • Optional subjects – music, home economics or visual arts
  • Music ensemble – a free voluntary offer
  • Priest – voluntary


Pupils in 5th to 10th grade must bring their own computer to class. This is because more and more teaching aids are changing over to digital, and the demands of pupils’ IT skills towards the end of their education are getting higher. Therefore IT forms an integral part of our daily teaching methods from an early stage.


The pupils are automatically linked to the school’s Office365 subscription; the only requirement is to have a computer (PC or Mac) that can run this Office package.


In 7th grade, in addition to the thorough and inspiring day-to-day teaching, there are some school days that contain alternative content. There are theme weeks, where the whole school works with a common theme, and immersion days, where individual classes immerse themselves in particular academic subjects. In addition to this, the whole school participates in a school camp where the pupils are able to really get to know one another.


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