First Day of School


The whole school meets at 9.00 in the schoolyard. Afterwards, one class at a time, the pupils make their way to their classrooms. Parents of children in 0th to 3rd grade are welcome to follow their children to see their new classroom. Whilst the pupils are in their classrooms, coffee and tea is served in “Hyggeren” (the common area) for parents. Later on the first joint morning song of the year takes place in the gym, and this brings to a close the first day of a new school year.


School Camp


Once a year the whole school goes on a camping trip to Jegindø. The scenic area of “Jegindølejren” forms the framework for a wide range of fun activities. Everyone is well looked after, and the new 0th grade pupils are designated a helper from 5th grade, who take extra special care of them. Payment for the camp is already included in the school fees.

Theme Week


In week 41 – the week before the autumn half-term break – we have Theme Week. Here we move away from the normal timetable and instead create a themed schedule. On Friday we take part in a run in which all schools are involved. Our post-school care & leisure program operates as normal throughout Theme Week.


Christmas Matinee


The day before 2nd Sunday of Advent, we present our Christmas Matinee, where the school’s music ensemble teams and the pupils who go to voluntary music, are allowed to showcase their skills. It’s always an enjoyable day and gives our pupils the opportunity to hear and acknowledge one another; the younger pupils aspire to the older ones, and the older pupils recall the times when they were younger themselves. It’s therefore just as important to applaud others as it is to play correctly. After the pupils have played, the parents get the opportunity to show what they can do when the school’s parent choir hit the stage.


Throughout the day there is a chance to buy something to eat and drink. The day ends with a lottery consisting of sponsored gifts collected by the parents. We therefore gladly accept sponsored gifts which can for example, be collected by asking around at various shops and companies, or maybe even come from your own workplace.


End of Year Christmas Celebration


At the end of December we have our end of year Christmas celebration. The pupils start by having fun in their own classrooms before we all join up and go to St. Clement’s Church. If there are any parents or grandparents who can’t keep themselves away, then they are more than welcome to join us.


School Party


In the spring the school’s biggest and most anticipated event is held: the annual school party at VUC in Randers. The date for this event is attainable only after VUC has finished their planning for the year. The evening starts with a performance of the year’s school comedy, which is the result of months of preparation and collaboration between 0th and 5th grade. The backdrops are made by the pupils’ parents and the music is provided by the older pupils. When we have finished applauding the talented actors, food is served downstairs in VUC’s large canteen area. Here you have the opportunity to talk to other parents while the children have fun amongst themselves. When everyone is full-up, it’s back upstairs to the main hall, where the pupils parade in one class at a time. Afterwards there is folk-dancing and a disco for the pupils. Soda, water and sweets (and beer for the adults) can be bought on site.


Spring Matinee


Later in the Spring, in the month of May, the school holds their Spring Matinee, where the pupils who receive lessons in our music department have the opportunity to show how skilled they have become. In addition, the parent choir provides a few choice numbers. The parents’ association “Under Lindetræet” is responsible for serving some light refreshments.

Linden Day


At the end of May the last day of school for 9th and 10th grade takes place. They dress up and generously distribute sweets to the other pupils in the schoolyard. It’s always a really enjoyable day with a good atmosphere throughout the school. For those pupils who would like to have extra sweets, we recommend bringing rainwear and possibly a change of clothes. Where there are sweets is where you get wet. Friday ends with a concert, where all classes and the ensemble teams play numbers from the year’s repertoire. Parents are welcome to attend the concert, which starts in the morning.


Last Day


This is when the school year ends and the summer holidays are just around the corner. For students in 0th to 8th grade we have fun in the individual classrooms and have the last joint morning song of the year. The evening before the last day we hold graduation for 9th and 10th grade students. The students participate from 7.00 to 10.00 together with their parents.